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Why Brunei?

In case you are wondering.


Brunei, May 14-18th 2012

This is just the introduction.

When I was a kid, I read about Brunei in a children's magazine, Bobo. It said that the people built their homes on river. But, Bobo said, many of them own cars, even a Mercedes. Wow! I said to myself. In my very early age I already understood that people who build houses on river are impoverished people. Compared to my schoolmates, I wasn't rich. However still, my parents had a home on land. Even so, a car, was something beyond comprehension for us at that time. I promised myself, when I grow up, I would come to Brunei.

May 14th 2012, finally, I stepped on Brunei for the first time. May 18th 2012, I exited Brunei but with a thousand thought in mind.

Follow this blog, because this is just the introduction.

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